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Major New Report Finds Dramatic Decrease in Animal Foods Needed for Health and Climate

A groundbreaking new report, put together by 37 world-leading scientists over the span of three years, has found that “a radical transformation of the global food system is urgently needed.”

The EAT-Lancet Commission has proposed the “planetary health diet”: an eating pattern that includes “a diversity of plant-based foods, low amounts of animal source foods, unsaturated rather than saturated fats, and limited amounts of refined grains, highly processed foods and added sugars.”

More than 820 million people don’t have access to enough food. Many others consume low-quality diets that cause micronutrient deficiencies and chronic disease, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Unhealthy diets pose a greater risk to morbidity and mortality than does unsafe sex, and alcohol, drug, and tobacco use combined.

Our food system is also devastating the planet. Prof. Johan Rockström, PhD, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research says:

Global food production threatens climate stability and ecosystem resilience. It constitutes the single largest driver of environmental degradation and transgression of planetary boundaries. Taken together the outcome is dire. A radical transformation of the global food system is urgently needed.

The report garnered significant international media coverage, with pieces in Reuters, Associated Press, National Geographic, Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, and thousands of others.

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