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Plant Foods Council Applauds Canada Food Guide’s Modernized Guiding Principles

By Anna Pippus | Feb 18, 2018
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Health Canada is preparing to release a modernized version of Canada’s Food Guide in 2018 – the first update in more than a decade – and its preliminary Guiding Principles document signals a marked departure from previous Food Guides, which have been the target of criticism for what many describe as outdated advice based on…

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Plant Foods Council Calls for Food Labeling Modernization To End Discrimination Against Plant-Based Products

By Anna Pippus | Jun 26, 2015
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TORONTO – The Plant Foods Council, a national trade association promoting and protecting the interests of plant food manufacturers in Canada, is calling for changes to food regulations that discriminate against vegan products similar to traditional animal products such as meats, milks, cheeses and butters. The Plant Foods Council is also seeking an end to…

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